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I, Loneliness Gadget

Log Line:

Hasan Ali spends his entire life at his home together with mechanical gadgets such as a simulator that is expected to erase the feeling of loneliness. The trouble Hasan Ali experienced in the simulator starts to change his stabile hence secure life drastically. He faces his loneliness and in order to overcome this feeling he buys a pet human that is sold online. I Loneliness Gadget focuses on the degeneration of the individual in consumption society through the relationship between Hasan Ali as a human being and pet human as a product.



Genre: Science Fiction, Short Film

Duration: 12 Minutes


Writer and Director: Can Eren

Producer: Beste Yamalıoğlu

Co Producer: Gülin Üstün

International Sales Agent: Gonella Productions (France)

DOP: Bilhan Altay

Art Director: Ayşe Abayoğlu, Dicle Şarman

Art Direction Assistant: Eser Tan

Designer: Efe Karadağlı

Assistant Director: Ali Taylan 

Sound: Uğur Akagündüz

Sound Desing: Çağdaş Yarman

Color: Engin Cebiroğlu

Color Assistant: Oğuzhan Akkoç, Salim Öndin

Light: Sinan Yıldırım

Production Assistant: Aslıhan Altuğ

Edit: Osman Bayraktaroğlu


Hasan Ali: Turgay Doğan

Pet Human: Hasan Yıldırım

Woman in the Bar: Reyhan Özdilek

Man in the Bar: Yiğit Çakır


AFSAD Short Film Festival (Turkey)

UNDO Divergent Film Awards (United States of America)

Sinopale Film Festival (Turkey)

İf İstanbul Independent Film Festival (Turkey)

Eskişehir International Film Festival (Turkey)

Marmaris International Film Festival (Turkey)

Uşak Seahorse Short Film Festival (Turkey)

International Cyborg Film Festival (Italy)

International Fake Flesh Film Festival (United States of America)

International Imagine Science Film Festival (United Arab Emirates)

International New York World Film Fair (United States of America)

Cover photo Group Portrait of Eight Circassian Men in Uniform With Another Man by Abdullah Feres. (1880-1890)  Cover sequence taken from Bye Bye Birdie by George Sidney. (1967)

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