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Endeavor "The Way of Pala"

Log Line:

Pala is collecting the garbage of Kurtuluş, one of multicultural neighbourhoods of İstanbul, with the purpose of recycling. Endeavor "The Way of Pala" is a film about the relationship of him with the residual as a way of expressing his everyday anxieties.


Genre: Documentary, Short Film

Duration: 10 Minutes


Director: Can Eren

Producer: Beste Yamalıoğlu

Assistant Director: Melik Tahir Şaştım

Camera: Can Eren

Sound Record: İdil Tipi

Edit: Can Eren

Pala: Berç Nursiz

Cover photo Group Portrait of Eight Circassian Men in Uniform With Another Man by Abdullah Feres. (1880-1890)  Cover sequence taken from Bye Bye Birdie by George Sidney. (1967)

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