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Women With Purple Violets

Log Line:

Women with Purple Violets is a documentary about a group of women fans who since 1967 have been passionately devoted to a small soccer team in Anatolia. It examines the place of women on the bleachers, the transformation of soccer through the years, and the impact of the political climate in Turkey on the fans.



Genre: Documentary, Feature Film
Estimated Length: 70 Minutes
Production Status: Pre Production


Director: Sezen Kayhan
Producer: Beste Yamalıoğlu

DOP: Cem Geneşke
Sound: Teoman Toktaş, Ömür Müldür
Co Producer: Tevfik Serdar Köksal

Cover photo Group Portrait of Eight Circassian Men in Uniform With Another Man by Abdullah Feres. (1880-1890)  Cover sequence taken from Bye Bye Birdie by George Sidney. (1967)

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