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Log Line:

Matador is preparing to attend his ex-girlfriend's wedding. He comes to the wedding place early with a bunch of roses. The ceremony starts but Matador can't find the courage to present himself and he watches the cortage's passing.



Genre: Drama, Short Film

Duration: 9 Minutes


Director: Can Eren

Writer: Can Eren, Burak Çevik

Producer: Guillermo Perez, Hazal Kaya

Co Producer: Beste Yamalıoğlu

International Sales Agent: Gonella Productions

Assistant Director: Luis Arturo Cardenas

DOP: Alberto Gauna, Can Tezan

Art Director: Karla Lomax

Sound Desing: Daniel Maldivo

Sound Record: Daniel Maldivo, İdil Tipi

Edit: Luis Arturo Cardenas


Matador: Luis Alberti

Cleaner: Diana Garcia

Bride: Silvana Santibanez

Waiter: Alejandro Galvan


Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico)
Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (Georgia)
Dhaka International Short & Independent Film Festival (India)
Boston Turkish Film Festival (United States of America)

Cover photo Group Portrait of Eight Circassian Men in Uniform With Another Man by Abdullah Feres. (1880-1890)  Cover sequence taken from Bye Bye Birdie by George Sidney. (1967)

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